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Your Health Idaho

Open enrollment is around the corner!

On November 15, 2014, Your Health Idaho opens for business. You can make changes to your current plan, or purchase a new plan that fits your health needs and your budget. If you click here, you can learn more about financial assistance to help with your monthly and .

Now is an excellent time to gather information like dates of birth and Social Security numbers for anyone applying for coverage, income information for 2013, and estimated income for 2014 for each family member.

Your Health Idaho needs income information for each family member applying for coverage. For example, if you have a teenager working at a local supermarket, you need to provide the W-2 for your child in order to apply for coverage on the exchange. Now is a great time to track down your child’s W-2 forms he/she might be hiding.

Do you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?

While the open enrollment period ended March 31, there are life events that will allow you to enter a special enrollment period (SEP). We have listed below some of the more common events that will trigger an SEP, allowing you to change or purchase a qualified health plan.

Please note: this information provided is a general overview of the rules and regulations of the ACA. It may not address every specific situation you face, and is not intended to be legal advice.

The following examples are qualifying events that allow you to change coverage outside of the open enrollment period:

  • Marriage
  • Birth, adoption, or placement of foster child
  • Involuntary loss of health insurance
  • Covered dependent turns 26
  • Death of the policy holder
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • New citizenship
  • Permanent move to an area served by Your Health Idaho

Ready to shop for health insurance?

Click the link below to go to Your Health Idaho. You can see all your coverage options, apply for the tax credit, and enroll in a new plan.

Open enrollment is closed, but you can find out if you qualify for a and get ready for the upcoming open enrollment period.
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